Metal Garage Smart Investment?

Metal Garage Smart Investment

Renting storage units can be an expensive affair in America. Since the lockdown has been lifted, things have started going back to their regular cost. The same is true for the renting units. In 2022, the rent for self-storage space in the US was $1.28 per sq. ft., which increased to $1.30 per sq. ft. in 2023. That’s a lot, given their security is minimal, and you need to drive to a specific location every time you want something out of it.

The price can be as high as $300 to $400 per month for larger units. So, why put $100 to $150 per month in an unsafe storage unit when you can have your very own low maintenance metal garage shed, which can function as both car parking and storage?

Why Metal Garage Is A Smart Investment?

Durable With A Long Lifespan

Steel is versatile and has a higher strength compared to a similar size timber. That’s not it. Steel can be easily molded into any desired shape without losing strength while achieving a similarly curved shape with wood requires cutting multiple boards of timber.

Steel can withstand heavy rain and snowfall along with high speed winds. That’s the strength of steel. There is no rotting and decaying of metal columns & frames like timbers. So, your steel garage building will maintain its structural integrity throughout its lifespan.

Quick Assembly

Most of the drilling and cutting of metal panels & frames are done in the factory. That means you need less time and effort to install a steel garage on your lot. The fast installation also means less labor and charges. That’s a bonus!

On the flip side, wooden structures take more time to set up and get fully installed.


A one car prefab metal garage will cost you around $5000. You can increase the size and choose a little bigger where you can keep your car and your storage items as well. In the long term, a steel garage is more affordable than renting a storage unit.

Low Upkeep

Now, you may be worried about all the maintenance that you will have to pay per month. Relax, you do not need to. Truth to be told, the aftercare of metal includes:

  1. Cleaning roof and metal walls to remove any dirt & debris that may cause rusting.
  2. You can use pressure washing at the lowest setting for cleaning.
  3. Monitoring for any rust or paint washed off.

And that’s it. In simple words, just cleaning & monitoring is enough to maintain your steel garage. You do not need to worry about pests and termite infestation and control. On average, these cost around $400 annually. That’s the money that goes straight into your pocket.

Safe Shed For Storage

Metal is hard to break into. Your stored items are safe from thieves and rodents who may cut chew stuff, making them useless. Moreover, when metal is fully insulated, it minimizes condensation and moisture build-up. So, even temperature sensitive items can be kept in steel garages.

No Worries For Pests & Termites

Metals are inorganic materials. They do not house animals, pests, or termite colonies. So you do not have to keep a check on it.

Energy Saving

The reason why steel garages are energy saving is because they are insulated, which retains indoor temperature. This means the HAVC system has to work less, thereby consuming less power. Additionally, you can install vents, skylights, and windows to reduce dependency on bulbs. This will save additional electricity.

Install Solar Roof On Steel Garage Building

Metal roofs are pretty sturdy. They can be designed to support solar panels. This will help you generate free electricity to reduce your dependency on energy meters. Various solar programs by the government support green energy initiatives.  

Have A Resale Value

Yes, steel garage building increases your property value by giving space for car parking and storage. Your property, your rules. There are many ways in which you can repurpose your metal garage shed. Such as –

  1. full storage unit
  2. car parking
  3. personal gym
  4. Art & craft studio
  5. home office
  6. small shop
  7. warehouse
  8. retail space
  9. commercial space, etc.

Sustainable Green Buildings

Steel is 100% recyclable. Even upon reusing it a gazillion times, it will not lose its strength and durability. Most water used in the production of steel is also reused. According to a report by the World Steel Association, “Almost 90% of the water used is returned to the source. Water recycled back into the river and other sources is often cleaner than when extracted.”

Customization Option

And finally, you can get your metal garage with multiple personalization options. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Freedom to choose dimensions, i.e., length, width, and height
  2. Type & style of roofs
  3. Corrugated panels
  4. No. of doors & windows
  5. Type of insulator, vents, skylights, etc.
  6. Clear span interior
  7. Color choices for metal roofs, posts, panels, and even nails & bolts.

Metal Garage Shed Are Cost Effective Storage

We all have times when we are in need of a storage unit, but rather than making a rash decision, we can use our problem to solve two storage issues – one for our car and the other for extra stuff that is lying in our home.

Think about it for a minute. Suppose you rent a storage unit for $150 per month. That would add up to an annual cost of $1,800. If you rent the unit for five years, you would end up paying $9,000 without even accounting for any rent increases over that period. For $9,695, a 20 ft. x 36 ft. x 10 ft. metal garage can provide lifelong storage and parking space for an average sedan and your belongings.

So, what are you waiting for? Not only does this de-cutter your home, but it also frees up the extra space that has been occupied in your home. You get to feel your home space more organized while storing your items safely.

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