Civil Appeals Lawyers

Civil Appeals Lawyers

If you recently received an unfavorable judgment in a civil lawsuit, you may be considering an appeal to try and get the decision overturned. However, navigating the complex appellate process requires specialized legal expertise. As a leading firm of civil appeals attorneys, Brownstone Law understands how to strategically challenge civil rulings. Here are some key ways our experienced lawyers can assist clients through the appellate system:

Identify Potential Errors in the Original Proceedings

One of the top functions of a civil appeals attorney is to conduct an exhaustive review of your entire case record. This allows them to scrutinize the initial trial proceedings with a fresh legal perspective geared towards appeals. Our team of civil appeals lawyers will analyze items like evidentiary rulings, jury instructions, motions filed, and other factors for any potential mistakes that could justify reversal. Significant errors in applying substantive law, judicial misconduct, or other procedural flaws form the basis for compelling appellate arguments.

Argue Statutory and Constitutional Issues

Beyond trial errors, civil appeals lawyers can present appellate briefs raising issues of statutory interpretation or constitutional violations. For example, we may persuade the appeals court that jurisdictional requirements were not satisfied, the original judge misapplied controlling precedents or statutes, or your civil liberties were compromised. Statutory and constitutional claims often carry substantial weight in appellate decision making.

Incorporate New Evidence or Changed Circumstances

Our attorneys will also evaluate your case for any new evidence, legal developments, procedural postures, or factual changes that have emerged since the initial proceedings ended. Though appellate courts are reluctant to consider entirely new evidence, we know how to formally petition for its inclusion when justified. New information that undermines key factual findings or legal assumptions can sometimes still serve as grounds for reversal.

Effectively Craft Appellate Briefs

Developing airtight, persuasive appellate briefs is essential but requires intricate legal writing expertise. At Brownstone Law, our civil appeals lawyers have extensive experience crafting briefs optimized to clearly present issues and arguments supported by precedent-setting cases. We incorporate the facts in a narrative way while adhering to all procedural requirements and court formatting guidelines. Well-crafted briefs demonstrating prejudicial errors or legal insufficiencies are crucial to appellate success.

Present Oral Arguments Strategically

In jurisdictions allowing oral arguments for appeals, being an effective appellate advocate before the panel of judges is also key. Our civil appeals attorneys have appeared in countless appellate hearings. We can strategically field sophisticated questions from the bench and emphasize the most convincing aspects of your case in a compelling manner that truly resonates with the court. Masterful oral advocacy further bolsters the written arguments.

Exhaust All Potential Remedies

Our civil appeals lawyers exhaust all available post-judgment options to maximize chances of altering the unfavorable outcome. This includes reconsideration motions, requests for rehearing or re-argument, petitions for certiorari to higher appellate courts or the U.S. Supreme Court in applicable cases. Leaving no stone unturned protects your rights and increases odds of ultimately prevailing on appeal, whether through reversal or remand for new proceedings.

In conclusion, an experienced civil appeals law firm like Brownstone Law is uniquely equipped to navigate the complex appellate system on your behalf. Our team of civil appeals attorneys would be glad to discuss your case and appellate options. Contact us to schedule a consultation and see how we can help! Read more information click here.

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