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MBA Programs


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an advanced degree that provides practical training in business or investment management. The MBA is designed to help graduates better understand the general workings of the business world. An MBA degree can be general in scope or focus on areas such as accounting, finance or marketing, and international business. 

Types of MBA

MBA is one of the most popular degrees awarded in India and students can choose any of the available types to pursue their degree. The six types of vertical or MBA that can be pursued in India are full-time MBA, online MBA, distance MBA, Executive MBA, one-year MBA, and integrated MBA. This type of MBA can be classified into several other categories, with each specialization being relevant to particular course, including relevant departments.

1. Online MBA

The popularity of online MBA programs has reached such a high level that even famous B-schools across the world have brought their online MBA programs online.

While traditional MBA degrees were previously preferred, times have changed. Many employers today also accept and respect online MBA degrees. Many recruiters hire candidates who have completed an MBA from a B-school or a reputed institute. This is an important decision-maker for many users. 

2. Executive MBA

Executive MBA is one of the best types of MBAs for working professionals. It is a 1-year curse focusing on business and is mainly aimed at working professionals with extensive experience. Executive MBA students from India’s top MBA schools can study management subjects like Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business and Microfinance. It is designed to educate recruiters, managers, enyterpreneurs, engineers, and other business leaders with a strong focus on collaboration and working toward a common goal.

3. Distance MBA

Distance MBA is a correspondence course for students who cannot take traditional MBA courses. Distance MBA can be pursued by both graduates and working professionals. Many universities also organize various entrance exams for MBA courses.

4. Online MBA

MBA program offers flexible options that allow you to meet the demands of your program as you take the next steps in your career. May online MBA programs help you spread your money and time over a long period of time. Therefore, you can work at your own pace and on a schedule that suits your professional responsibilities. A variety of innovatively designed MBA programs, including audio-recorded lectures and web-based courses taught in classrooms, offer a mix that suits your learning style and lifestyle.The duration of such MBA programs usually varies between 1 and 2 years, depending on the university. 

5. 1 Year Full Time MBA

There is a big difference between one year MBA and Executive MBA (EMBA) in India. An EMBA abroad is a common part-time program offered to senior executives who do not want to quit their jobs, but there is a difference between 1 year full time MBAs and executive MBAs in India. ‘Executive’ is a 1 year MBA program at IIM, students call this 1 yer MBA program as equivalent to MBAs.

6. Part Time MBA

Since MBA is a popular course, it is difficult for all students to study management programs through standard MBA courses This is where the part-time MBA program comes in handy for working managers who do k=not have muvh knowledge about management courses.

IIM Online MBA

When we talk about the best administration in India, the name that comes to our mind is IIM. They offer  range of courses in management, including postgraduate programmes, diploma programmes, executive programmes, diploma courses and doctoral level courses. IIMs are known globally for providing quality education delivered by a team of highly skilled management professionals. With the aim of making quality higher education accessible to all, IIM has launched online MBA programmes. This program is designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of professionals currently working in the corporate world.

The online MBA course design at IIM is a blend of online and offline formats. The flexible online training program allows you to learn management skills and business ideas anywhere, and campus visits help raise awareness of your business. Moreover, there is no difference between the curriculum of traditional MBA programs offered at these institutions and online MBA programs. Above all, the global reputation of IIMs offers you many job opportunities that will not only fulfill your career goals but also provide jo security in a competitive industry.

Key Highlights

  1. Get an MBA in online learning mode from one of the top management institutes in India.
  2. Learn about business through blended learning.
  3. Enhance your knowledge with access to IIM library and other learning options.
  4. Clear your doubts in online courses offered by business simulation.
  5. Learn about the industry by working on certification and simulation projects.
  6. Timely payment of tutionfees applicable for regular IIM courses.
  7. Obtaining IIM student status after completion of the course.
  8. Grow your career with the IIM Online degree, which is recognised in the national and international market.

Eligibility & Duration

  1. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 
  2. At least 50% marks in graduation.
  3. At least 3 years of work experience is mandatory too pursue this program.
  4. Age limit for applicants, scheme is 25 years.
  5. IIM MBA inline duration is similar to the normal format, 2 years, but the study format adopted in these 2 years is more flexible than the regular programme.

Job Roles

Project ManagerSAP Consultant
Business AnalystHR Manager
Digital marketing ManagerProduct Manager
Business Operations ManagerPrivate Equity Addociate
Business Intelligence AnalystFinance Manager

Admission Process

  1. Go to the official website of the university.
  2. Register as a new user and fill out the application form with your information.
  3. Submit the required documents, application form, and registration fee.
  4. Submit your tuition fee using one of the payment methods listed on the website, which usually includes online banking, UPI payments, or application facilities.
  5. Finally, you will receive a confirmation message with your registration number.

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Online MBA Program in India provides a simple, accessible, and affordable way to acquire valuable knowledge and skills in the field of business administration. Using technology and innovative teaching methods, these programs offer students the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career in the growing and expanding field of management. As India continues its digital transformation, MBA’s online programs will continue to play a key role in creating the next generation of business management and driving innovation and growth.

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