Know About Commercial Driving Licence

Know About Commercial Driving Licence And Hgv Drivers

Although there was always a need for LGV drivers, the recession prevented individuals from experiencing the consequences of a shortage of new employees in the sector. But the sector has now succumbed to the lack.

There are reportedly many open positions for truck drivers in different cities with every eligible applicant due to the significant scarcity of qualified drivers with commercial driving licences. This issue affects the entire nation.

According to the logistics companies, the average lifespan of an LGV driver in the UK is 53, which is significantly older than the country. There will be many retirees in the next several years, but there won’t be as many young people to take their place.

Given that the economy cannot run without lorry drivers transporting commodities from factories and ports to store shelves, it is anticipated that the wages for trained lorry drivers may increase due to this driver shortage.

Another benefit of becoming an LGV driver is that as the economy grows there will be a higher demand for lorry drivers as more items are consumed and transported to retailers. A career as an LGV driver looks full of opportunities and lucrative pay.

Currently, the UK’s fourth-largest employer is the logistics industry. Without skilled truck drivers, the economy cannot run, and they are the engine of the economy.

The Advantages of Getting a PCV Licence

  • One of the main benefits of becoming an LGV driver is after passing the necessary tests and obtaining a valid PCV licence, employment is guaranteed.
  • The UK has an increased unemployment rate, yet the only industry that displays signs of development is the logistics industry. The amount of time you put in and the employer you work for have an impact on your pay. The range of estimates is £500 each week to £40,000 per year.
  • When it comes to HGV drivers, there is a lot of possibility for improvement. The varied terrain in various sections of the country shows persistent difficulties. Drivers can transport more delicate goods that pay more as their driving skills advance.
  • One industry where one does not get bored is the logistics sector is the monotony of an office existence. Everything in the country relies on the logistics industry. Without skilled truck drivers, nothing will function.
  • Several training facilities can assist you in passing the necessary exams at a good price if you’re interested in becoming a truck driver. Therefore, if you’ve been considering your job options, become an LGV driver and obtain your commercial driving licence.

Facts on HGV Drivers

False belief: All truck drivers are guys
While it may be thought of as a predominantly male-dominated industry, like construction and IT, trucking is seeing an increase in female truck drivers both in the UK and internationally.

Only 5% of people with commercial driving licences as of 2021 were women. However, the number of female truck drivers is rapidly increasing as more and more women choose this line of work.

One of the stories of the past several years is the increase in female truck drivers. Additionally, more and more women are considering HGV driving as a career because there is a greater than ever-need for HGV drivers.

Get a good salary

A great job comes with a fantastic salary. Companies are increasingly rewarding truck drivers with incentives and higher compensation, especially long-haul truckers. Another benefit of working as a truck driver is that, as you get more experience, you are typically assured wage increases. Increasing your driving proficiency levels by receiving training on various trucks is another strategy to boost your earnings. Truck driver jobs include weekly or monthly compensation, 28 days of vacation time, and overtime pay is guaranteed.

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