How Can I Send WhatsApp Broadcasts in Bulk?

How Can I Send WhatsApp Broadcasts in Bulk Without Being Blocked?

WhatsApp Broadcast: Imagine sending thousands of messages to your consumers with only a few clicks. The ability to send messages to your users and respond to each one separately is one of WhatsApp’s primary features.

Read on for advice on best practices, a list of feature restrictions, and details on broadcasting using the WhatsApp Business API.

This is a fantastic WhatsApp marketing strategy that might provide some extra revenue each month for your internet business.

However, some users abuse this platform since they don’t understand it and are blocked by WhatsApp.

When competing with eCommerce behemoths like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., running sale campaigns on social media is always expensive, whether it’s for a Black Friday sale, New Year’s sale, or any other special event sale.

What You Must Understand:

The majority of the apps that claim to enable you to create WhatsApp broadcast campaigns that help you send mass WhatsApp messages to your clients with a single click are scams.

The WhatsApp Catalog API cannot be used for broadcasting without a number of restrictions. WhatsApp wants to make sure that businesses don’t spam their contacts and instead send them only necessary messages.

To determine whether such is the case, they use two criteria: phone number Status and phone number Quality Rating.

WhatsApp Bulk: What is it?

Sending “bulk” texts is the practice of simultaneously sending a lot of messages to a lot of recipients using WhatsApp.

You should adhere to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions while sending bulk messages to prevent coming across as spam.

Your account can be suspended if you engage in behaviour that violates these rules, which might negatively affect your company operations and damage your reputation.

What Does WhatsApp’s Broadcast Function Do?

The idea of broadcasting is the idea of sending a message from one sender to many recipients at once.

In the eCommerce industry, companies often use SMS and Email to distribute communications that are typically promotional in nature.

The company sends out a promotional message whenever there is a deal, whether it is for Christmas, Diwali, Black Friday, or any other event.

Despite being a “one-way” type of communication, this message strategy performs really well and generates a lot of sales.

That is what you would refer to as broadcasting, which we perform using WhatsApp’s “WhatsApp Broadcast” function.

However, a lot of eCommerce companies take use of it because of these features.

They continue to send many broadcast messages every day, and some even go so far as to get people’s phone numbers and email addresses from dubious sources before uploading them to email marketing or SMS marketing software and broadcasting them.

Things are being utilised improperly as a tool for advertising in this way, and we shouldn’t be doing that.

Tips to Avoid Bans When Sending Many WhatsApp Messages:

You may take a few precautions to avoid getting banned when sending WhatsApp bulk messages:

1. Use WhatsApp API or the official WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Business API were created particularly for businesses to connect with consumers in accordance with WhatsApp’s terms of service.

The tools available in both WhatsApp versions allow you to send WhatsApp bulk messages without being banned.

2. Before sending users messages, get their permission.

Make sure you have their consent before sending someone bulk messages since this is required by WhatsApp’s terms of service.

3. Honor the privacy of users

Protect the privacy of users’ personal information and use it exclusively for the intended discussion.

4. Comply with WhatsApp’s instructions for sending mass messages.

There are rules for bulk messaging on WhatsApp, including limitations on the number and kind of messages you may send each day.

Be careful you follow these rules to prevent being banned.

5. Apply opt-in techniques

To confirm that people want to hear from your company, you may utilise opt-in tactics like signing up for a newsletter or completing a form to request updates.

6. Keep track of your communications’ response rates

If you see a low response rate for your messages, you will know that individuals are not interested in receiving them.

It is a good idea to stop sending these folks bulk messages if you don’t want to be blacklisted in this situation.

Factors to Consider Before Sending a Mass WhatsApp Message

Various WhatsApp Phone Number Levels

The tier system for phone numbers determines a business’s ability to send messages and the services that are available to them on WhatsApp.

The levels are as follows:

Unreliable Trial Tier: Own up to two numbers and send 50 different messages to contacts in a day.

Tier 1: Possess up to 25 phone numbers and daily messages to 1,000 people.

Communicate with 10,000 users per day in Tier 2.

Tier 4: Within a rolling 24-hour period, communicate an endless number of recipients. Tier 3: Per day, send messages to 100,000 people. WhatsApp Broadcast.


Broadcasting is a simple yet effective WhatsApp marketing strategy. To get an advantage over the competition, start WhatsApp Business broadcasting to your consumers.

If someone had told us a few years ago that WhatsApp would revolutionise business operations, we probably would have laughed in the corner.

But it seems like the joke is now on us.

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