Health Related Problems

Health Astrology

Health astrology deals with the respective treatment of various diseases. It focuses on determining the cause of disease based on the influence and movement of planets in different houses.

It is believed that the constellation houses and zodiac signs are affected by the movement of planets and can cause diseases. The help of astrology can help in curing diseases in the body.

Saturn Healing Astrology

The muscles of the legs, knees, hair of the teeth, skin of the spleen, ears, and feet are all associated with the earth. Health astrology prediction addresses stomach pain and diseases related to bones. Deafness, paralysis, hair loss and hysteria, tumor emotional stress, dental problems, and muscle pain.

Moon Healing Astrology

Eyes and lungs, digestion, and the amount of fluid within the body, blood, brain, and kidneys are all involved. Linked to heart health Astrology addresses issues such as blood poisoning, menstrual issues, and diabetes such as vomiting, collapsing mammary glands, and coughing.

Sun Healing Astrology

It can affect various areas of the body such as the right side of the eye, heart, and head as well as the skin and abdomen. It is often associated with many different diseases, such as issues with the right eye, as well as heart disease, as well as head injuries, bone fractures, and skin issues as well as bones.

Jupiter Healing Astrology

Astrology also includes organs such as memory, brain tissue, liver, lungs, and fat. It deals with disorders in the mouth, kidney, and liver, diabetes bleeding, cancer, and ear problems.

Mercury Healing Astrology

It focuses on the nose, skin, and lungs. It targets the nerves as well as the gallbladder, spinal cord, and umbilical cord. This can lead to diseases such as nasal congestion, gall bladder fractures, ulcers that cause skin problems, and cholera.

Venus Healing Astrology

Astrology is related to the field of vision. face, glands, and also water content. It is the cause of the condition of the face and throat, eyes, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, impermanence, and loss of luster in the body.

Mars Healing Astrology

It is associated with blood vessels as well as energy sources such as the nerves of the rectum and female organs. Medical astrology that is associated with Mars refers to neck injuries and conditions of the neck, including cuts, bruises, eye burns, bone fractures as well as hypertensive fistulas, as well as rectal and hernia conditions. The problem of irregular menstruation.

The Solution to Various Health Problems:

Sun Remedy

If you are suffering from an eye problem or heart disease or any other problem then take these steps:

You should wear bright-colored clothes.

Drink sugar and water mixed.

Feed monkeys and cows.

Do not consume animal products.

Do not accept any gifts.

Moon Remedy

If you are suffering from diseases caused by Moon? Only then you can get rid of this problem with these measures.

Feed the birds and provide them with water to drink.

Do not do any business which is directly related to milk.

Let your mother be content and get her blessings.

Feed sweets to little girls.

Jupiter Remedy

If your Jupiter is not that strong then you will have to face problems like obesity, diabetes as well as liver and jaundice. This method can help you.

Use a car, pen, or another object you got from your father.

Help your brothers and sisters and brothers in their work.

You can wear an orange-colored turban or cap.

Apply sandalwood paste on the forehead daily.

Use gold-colored jewelry.

Mars Remedy

If your Mars is weak then you are likely to suffer from diseases like miscarriage, accident, surgery, injury, and burns. This method can help you.

Keep ivory items in the house.

Wear orange clothes.

You plant a neem tree.

Serve your cows again and again.

Donate money for a good cause.

Mercury Remedy

The weakness of Mercury can cause skin-related problems. It is possible to fix the problem by taking these steps to improve your health care.

Rice and milk are offered in the temples.

The water you drink should be in a silver glass.

Do not drink alcohol or eat meat.

Serve cows daily.

Always wear clean and fresh clothes.


It is certain that health is an important aspect of every person’s life. The most effective way to determine health is to know the important things. You can take advantage of taking an online appointment with an astrology consultant to understand your overall health and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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